Metroz Essences
Metroz Essences is a modern, progressive, technological flavor company that has been servicing its customers for over forty years.
At our laboratories and manufacturing facility, near Milan, Italy, we create and produce quality flavors according to the highest standard and good manufacturing practices.
We offer a wide range of Natural and Natural-identical Flavors for a variety of food applications.

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Processed Meat
Functional mixes for meat & savoury industry
Ready Meals & Pasta
Sauces & Condiments
Food Preserves
Sweet goods & Bakery
Soft drink & Liqueurs
Dairy products
Other Food
Food process advice
Flavours list
A restyling for your product taste
Solutions to Flavoring problems
Taylor-made Flavorings
A solution to spices & herbs replacement

Metroz News

Metroz Essences, that always take care of Health and Safety in the worksplace, is proud to announce
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